I Work At Twice As Nice And I Want To Buy Your Stuff.

I like the word YES. And, I’m a resale fanatic. Do I love consignment boutiques, trendy resale, vintage stores, thrift shops and even yard sales? YES. Heck, my sister-in-law and I used to road trip to Willcox to go to this lady’s dilapidated back yard shack stocked with boxes and barrels full of fun cast-offs for 25 cents each. When I lived in Los Angeles I loved Aardvark’s and Penny Lane. Now I love ebay too…and Craig’s List…and Bookman’s.

I remember when I discovered trade. I traded in a few things at Buffalo Exchange, received store credit and went shopping. They passed on most of my stuff. Being the counter-culture egomaniac that I was at that time of my life, I just figured, “Their loss. They have NO idea what’s cool if they passed on this leather embossed cowboy shirt.” Ha ha! Then, I applied. That was my first trendy resale job after working with collectibles and vintage clothing on 4th Avenue in Tucson. I learned a lot. I learned that solid Marketing theory dictates that, to be successful, a business should try to be all things to a focused group of customers. I stayed there for seven years and kept learning, even became Manager.

Do you know what I loved about the job? Buying clothing from people. Selecting it, pricing it, creating a store’s inventory and leading a team to sell it. And I followed the solid Marketing model of being everything to a very few, which leads me to what I did not like…saying, “No.” I was rejecting lots of great clothing. I understood why. I’d done the same as a vintage Buyer on 4th Avenue. But I wanted to say YES, so I found a job at Twice As Nice.

I am a happy camper. I say YES more often than not. I’ve worked for Twice As Nice (I am even a franchise owner now) for 9 years. We bypass traditional Marketing theory in favor of having something for everyone in our stores. I still cannot buy everything from our sellers. But I try very hard to be able to say to every seller, “Yes, I’d love to make you an offer for your clothing!” And, do you know what? It works. The stores thrive. The shoppers are happy, the sellers refresh their wardrobes and get trade for their items. The inventory is trendy, exciting and eclectic. And, the Store Buyers are like me. They love to say, “Yes.”

With Love,
Annie Kipnis, resale fanatic

P.S. I am going to write more soon, giving you tips on selling and trading your clothing at Twice As Nice. Because the more you know, the more I will be able to buy from you. And that is what makes my job fun.

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