Annie Kipnis
Tips for Successful Trading at Twice As Nice

Buyers who review your items want to buy as much as they can from you. Here are some things to make it easier for Twice As Nice Buyers to add trade to your card:

• Bring clothing items fresh, clean and folded so we can see how great they are!

• Focus on the current or upcoming season when deciding what to bring in.

• Sort, sort, sort. Buyers are open-minded and do not mind looking for the good stuff, but they are human too. When they see that most of your stuff is fashionable and in good condition, they ride that feeling and tend to find more to purchase. Conversely, if they are looking through lots of damaged or faded items, they may feel discouraged about finding something to purchase from you. So, if you have items that are a little grubby, or have holes or stains, remove those from your trade stack before bringing them in for review and you may have more success.

• Bring your items in manageable sized bags so they are easy to review. We love large orders, but stuffing Hefty bags full will wrinkle up your stuff and make it harder to look through. Bring us more bags that are reasonably full.

• Separate shoes from clothing so the shoe soles do not leave dirt on your great items.

• Bring jewelry in sealed bags. That way it is easy to review separately and nothing will get lost or tangled in your clothing.

• Call ahead to find out what your neighborhood Twice As Nice is especially looking for. Sometimes we may surprise you by needing solid colored tank tops in Winter.

• If your bags of clothing for trade will be in the trunk for a few days while you find time to drop by, consider placing a couple of dryer sheets in the bags to keep them smelling fresh.

• We consider the condition of the insides of purses as well as the outside, so remove gum wrappers and keep lids on your pens and lipstick for more success.

• Clean up baby furniture and equipment before bringing it in. It makes a difference in the size of your offer.

• Ask questions. Buyers are happy to let you know what they are looking for and often will offer great advice for getting more trade added to your card on your next visit.

Good luck and happy trading! –Annie Kipnis

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